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Giving Keys of Hope is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help others secure a better quality of life by empowering at-risk youth, families, and communities throughout Texas by providing educational, developmental and nutritional programs. We are committed to enriching the lives of others to solve the problem of food insecurity in our communities.


Our mission is to service at-risk youth and under-served families by offering programs to support the wellness, health and development of those in need to improve their overall quality of life.


 Feeding the Youth to Fight Food Insecurity and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles









One in six children struggles with food insecurity in the U.S. Our Never Skip a Meal Food Program™ is working to alleviate hunger by ensuring that youth, families, and communities get the healthy food they need, and never have to skip a meal!


Never Skip a Meal Food Program™ provides at-risk youth grades K-12 free nutritious meals and snacks after school at a variety of existing community locations - like schools, community centers, civic clubs and more. 

  • We Encourage Health Eating Habits for a Healthy Life by promoting the 3 E's of Healthy Living : Education, Exercise, & Eating Right.

  • We are committed to providing at-risk youth with the opportunities to participate in educational, recreational, and social activities in our program.

Do you know an organization in NEED?

Giving Keys of Hope believes in serving our communities and if there is an organization that could benefit from our programs, we would like to know.